Shivambu: The water of Auspiciousness

At the time that picture was taken by my friend Susan, I was “Feeling” the Om Namah Shivaya, not just saying it, but feeling it… The ganges, Mother Ganga as many called it, is alive. The water from the river FEELS alive! It’s like the energy that I felt once I got in the water spoke to me, I know it sounds weird, maybe crazy, but my experience of being in the river was amazing, euphoric and it feels like it was just 2 seconds ago!!! The Divine is so tangible in the Ganges, you feel it, see it, touch it, and taste it!

Yesterday was my second day of drinking my urine. I was very busy, I went to the agency to do “seva”, selfless service, with HIV+ clients. I worked on doing some acupuncture for some of them, hang out with them, ate with them and enjoyed my afternoon with nice people, after, I went to do a massage house-call to one of my friends who is 82 years young! I got home late and had to prepare some chicken for Krishna (my cat), and some food for me. No time to sit and write, but i did watch and observe…… I had a good night sleep, I got up less than usual to pee, I had pleasant and interesting dreams, although I don’t remember them now. I took a bigger sip yesterday and an even bigger sip this morning! I kept the Shivambu in my mouth for a long time till I had lots of saliva build up, I had to swallow it now. I did not feel any disgust and in fact, I felt grateful. Shiva is gifting me with this medicine, I am not ill, or sickly; but I believe in prevention, I want more energy, less pain in my body, and all the wonderful benefits that come with it!  I am curious, and interested in the injections. I would like to know more, I have read that the urine injections are fantastic for allergies. I also think I should contact someone in that Mexican clinic before I start injecting myself!   I have been injecting me with vitamin B12 because I am a little anemic, and i feel better when i do it. But the urine has more possibilities and promises. Don’t worry I will let you know what I find out. I would like to drink also in the evening, I  don’t know why, I just feel like this is the beginning and it does make me think of some similarities with drinking blood and how vampires just crave it more and more…. i will NOT be doing any of that so not to worry! Urine on the other hand, is healthy and our bodies just make it with the intention and the ingredients to heal us. The MIND is what stops us from not drinking, the mind is what and who says is dirty, the mind gets in the way…… well, I am just hoping for more energy, and concentration, Viva la orina!

Verse 5 of Damar Tantra:

“The follower of the therapy should avoid pungent, salty ingredients in his meals. He should not over-exert himself. He should follow a balanced and light diet. He should sleep on the ground and control the senses.”

Ok, I am thinking now if it would be helpful that I log here what I eat. Talk about my urges and senses and see how I am being in control or are my senses controlling me! Sleeping on the ground? Well I am in a Japanese bed, on wood and light futon, the actual floor is too cold for me right now. But, I will try and abide by these teachings. Also keeping in mind they were imparted thousands of years ago. Happy drinking! Salud!

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